A Look Inside My Pop-Up

Behind the scenes tingz

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It’s so surreal that I’m able to talk about my pop-up and it’s actually happening! It was supposed to happen back in December (2020), but the second shut down happened here in L.A. and everything was a wrap. It wasn’t as gut wrenching as I thought because I knew how uncertain everything was and still is, so the possibility of the event being cancelled was something I prepared myself for. Fast forward to around the end of May this year (2021), I got the news that the pop-up was back on. I still have my guard up because I didn’t want to get my hopes up again, but I still got to work and got the ball rolling.

The menu and the concept is still the same because I didn’t want the work that I put in for the event in December go to waste and I was still in love with the concept and food, but there were a few minor changes, location & capacity.

Originally my pop-up was set to be at Delilah , a modern day supper club with a lavish vintage vibe to it. We even got as far as making flyers for it.

But with the reopening they weren’t able to hold space for an event, so the HWood Group was able to pivot and change the pop-up to one of their other beautiful location at Petite Taquaria .

Isn’t it a VIBE???? I am soooooo excited!

Here’s a look at the final flyer

And here’s a look at the full menu

I tried my best to incorporate my most popular recipes so everyone can experience the recipes IRL and how I add my special touch to each dish.

The capacity was originally 100 covers for each night but with the location change we were able to expand capacity to 160 covers each night & when I first heard that number I was lowkey nervous because that’s a lot of people but I am SO PROUD to say that both nights are SOLD TF OUT!!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?????????

Anxiety definitely kicked in when I realized how many people I was about to serve. Am I ready for this? Is this really happening? Do I got this? bruh.. I was so shook. We had a back of the house meeting to go over everything before prep day and that gave a huge confidence boost because the Petite Taqueria team along with the Culinary Director Chef Michael Tiech & Chef Brandon (aka @sadd_papi) are all professionals.

I can’t wait to update y’all on how the event will go & I am so looking forward to feeding my friends my food.

So grateful for the opportunity & support.

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